Royal Mail told to cut deliveries to keep staff members safe

UNION leaders have called for urgent cuts to postal distribution in the worsening coronavirus outbreak.

The Communication Workers Union demanded that daily deliveries to be reduced to three times a week with priority for essential parcels and first class mail.

Speaking to the union’s Royal Mail members yesterday evening general secretary Dave Ward set out a robust agenda ahead of top-level talks with the private company.

Mr Ward insisted: “We do not want a row with the company, we want to work with them and with the Government and for the country.

“And we want to do that in a way that really does help the country.”

But on safety, the CWU’s message to members was ‘very, very clear’ and Mr Ward promised to back postal workers who are not given protection.

The general secretary asked the UK’s postal workers: “Have you got right personal protective equipment in place, gloves, sanitisers and is social distancing strictly enforced in your office?”

Royal Mail acknowledged that ‘despite their best endeavours’ some areas in the UK may have experienced a reduction in service already due to coronavirus-related absences at local mail centre.

Managing director of marketing, regulation and corporate affairs Shane O’ Riordain said: “We are delivering the many items that people order online six days a week across the UK. Throughout this crisis, we are committed to delivering the most comprehensive service we can to all customers.”


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