Driver blames BMW shop for two near accidents

A SPORTS car driver slammed a North Oxford BMW garage for an error which he felt ‘endangered his life’.

The owner of the luxurious car, Tom Davidson, alerted the Oxford Mail after his experience with the Wolvercote Roundabout business following a routine service.

The garage has dismissed his claims as ‘exaggerated,’ saying it is an ‘attempt to get compensation.’

Mr Davidson said he visited the BMW garage early on Wednesday morning to have his brake fluid changed, after a light on his dashboard started flashing, and said he was not made aware of any issues with his vehicle.

But after leaving the garage, he said he almost crashed twice on his journey home because his brakes were not working correctly.

The Oxfordshire resident said the car’s brakes were ‘practically inoperable’.

He said: “The car kept going at normal speed [when I braked].

“I had to pump the brakes about three to four times before it stopped.”

Mr Davidson added: “It was so dangerous.”

The man said his brake pedals travelled all the way down when pressed, but the car failed to stop.

Upon his safe return home, the driver alerted the branch about the two near incidents and technicians were sent over to check his vehicle.

He said the two workers examined the BMW on his driveway before taking it back to the North Oxford garage for further testing.

They returned later that day and told him the garage had experienced a problem with its brake fluid changing system that day, which is why he had troubles with the brakes, the man said.

Later that evening the driver spoke to several of the branch’s managers about the incident and requested compensation from the company as the matter was of ‘very serious nature’.

But he was told that BMW was ‘not prepared to talk about compensation’.

The Oxfordshire resident confirmed he was refunded the cost of the brake service but no other offer was made.

He said he has made an official complaint and has been told by BMW that an internal investigation has been launched.

The sports car driver said: “I am so angry about the way I was dismissed.

“BMW needs to accept responsibility for this as they not only endangered my life but also the lives of other people on the road.”

According to the sports car owner, the branch’s general sales manager also confirmed with him that an internal investigation will follow the alleged claims.

The company said the brake fluid reservoir was not filled sufficiently, which caused air in the brake pipes. It said the brakes were still functional and the car was still safe to drive.

However, when contacted by the newspaper, a spokesperson for the company said: “The dealership deny that the car was released to the customer in a dangerous condition.

“The brakes were still operational even though the brake pedal travel did travel further before the brakes were engaged.

“The customer’s exaggerated claims are an attempt to force us to pay compensation to which he is not entitled.”

Mr Davidson, who made a complaint to BMW Group’s head office last week, said he was told yesterday the company will not take responsibility for the franchise.


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